EazyFoodstuff is an online store specializes in offering the very best in foodstuffs, groceries, exotic drinks and ready-to-eat meals in an efficient fast delivery in order to improve and facilitate our customers efficiency and satisfaction.

We offer one stop shopping center for customers who are looking for a single company who can handle everything kitchen and bar supplies.

Our great products which are sourced directly from local farmers affords us to render both wholesale and retail sales in a well preserved and packaged system. Thus, enabling you to get the best, at an affordable price, sent directly to your doorsteps.


EazyFoodstuff was founded by two partners, who are aware of how unhygienic the Nigerian market is, thus sorting a way to improve it, became the foundation of EazyFoodstuff.


i. To provide Nigerian’s with the best in quality foodstuffs,hygienic meals and assorted drinks, from the comfort of wherever they are, without the need to go out.

ii. To be Nigerian’s most reliable and best value online store by exceeding our customers expectations at all times, through fast delivery of quality products and services at fair price, in perfect condition , on time and treating our customers with care and honesty.


i. Provision of quality and hygienic foodstuffs and assorted drinks for both wholesale and retail distribution.

ii. Provision of cooked meals to offices(in lunch pack) and homes (that will serve for 3-7days)

iii. Provision of groceries, beverages and much more


EazyFoodstuff was originally conceived to offer busy people a true alternative for going to the market/supermarkets every week. By doing this we created a totally new experience, built entirely around our customers needs. At Eazyfoodstuff, we care deeply for the quality of products our customers buy, and how hygienic and durable they are.Therefore, we play an active role in making products healthier, promoting healthy eating and providing services to improve customer’s proposition.


EazyFoodstuff works in partnership with our suppliers(mostly local farmers) to ensure products are sourced responsibly, and also rely on our suppliers to provide us with products our customers wants.

We provide our suppliers reassurance of knowing that they have buyer for their goods on reasonable terms. There is also an avenue for our supplier to advertise new products with us.


EazyFoodstuff is not all about wholesaling and retailing of quality products and rendering great services.
it is also about supporting and helping the communities where we work, and being a good neighbor.

We aim for our store to be the heart of the communities we serve.

We improve skills and create jobs for the community residents, thereby improving quality of life and well being.

We also buy from local supplies and support the community( through charitable consideration in the nearest future.)